Posted by: lornasass | November 24, 2011


We humans invented clock time and then we became slaves to it.

During their free sample coaching sessions, most people tell me, “I’m really too busy to take on one more thing, even coaching.”

“Soon after you begin life coaching,” I respond,  “time will open up and you will experience your day as spacious.”  There is usually an audible sigh on the other end of the phone.

How does time become more spacious once you dive into the coaching experience?

It all comes down to knowing what you’re meant to do with the precious time you have on earth.  Once you become clear on your life’s purpose and your work mission–two important goals of the first month of coaching–you can more easily create priorities.

The result?  All the time-wasters fall away, leaving you with lots of space and time to relax and have more fun.  Guaranteed!

Clouds Above Haleakala, Maui// Copyright Lorna Sass

30-Second Spaciousness Visualization

Close your eyes, take two deep breaths, and imagine a large clock face slowly dissolving into a cloud floating in a vast blue sky. 

Take some more deep breaths as you watch the cloud gently move out of sight.    Luxuriate in the spaciousness you created in the vast blue sky.  Slowly open your eyes and notice the empty spaces all around you.

Rx:  Repeat this visualization throughout the day whenever you find yourself on fast-forward.



  1. We are so glad that you found time to start this new post, Ms. Sass! And a good omen: as I was writing this comment, some motion outside the window caught my eye (there is a pear tree with yellow leaves): two birds were flying in and out of the tree, sitting on one branch and then another. To be reminded to take the time to watch the birds . . . ! Beauty surrounds us if we will take the time to savor it.

    • I love your e-mail address. Long live Bird!

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