Posted by: lornasass | November 25, 2011


Minnie 1990-2009

I was on my way to library, holding a pile of books.  It wasn’t an especially convenient time to have a good cry, but I let myself cry anyway. 

I thought about Bailey and how I’d miss his friendly welcoming nuzzles and I cried some more.  Then I thought of my precious cat Minnie, who died two years ago at 19+ and more tears came.  I held space for myself to cry, just as I do for my coaching clients, remembering how healing it is to cry–our body’s natural way to release pain and loss.

What I learned in my coaching training, and what I’ve seen time and again with my clients, is that if we allow ourselves to feel deeply, eventually the feelings pass. 

I still feel sad about Bailey, and will probably get a little teary the next time I see Wally alone, but it’s a kind of poignant feeling.  The deep pain is gone, leaving me free to celebrate the joyous human experience of sharing our homes with beloved pets.

And wasn’t Minnie a beauty?  Can you believe she was 18+ when this photo was taken?



  1. Being able to feel grief is a privilege — as opposed to being intentionally or unintentionally numb, putting those feelings away because they are inconvenient. And the dead take our tears as great tribute, I think. Maybe the goal is to value people and animals while they are alive as much as we mourn them when they are dead. Simple to write but sometimes we forget how to do this.

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