Here I am in the coaching booth at Occupy Wall Street


Lorna here in my most recent incarnation.  Transformational Life Coaching is my third career and while each of my prior two were rewarding–English Prof with a PhD from Columbia and James Beard Award-Winning Author of 14 cookbooks–being a Life Coach calls forth all that I am and have to give in a much bigger way.

In short, it’s what I was meant to do.

You see, all of my life I’ve been on a quest.  Like so many people, I had a fairly traumatic childhood.  We didn’t talk much about it in the fifties when I was growing up, so I just shoved my troubles under the rug as best I could and marched on forward.  Every now and then I tumbled badly and sought help, from psychotherapy to personal growth workshops to meditation to network chiropractic.  All of these experiences taught me something (some more than others!) and gave me the wealth of knowledge and intuition that enables me as a Life Coach to listen deeply to others and hear what they are saying, even when they aren’t able to hear themselves.

As a Life Coach, I have a window into my clients’ souls, and I don’t take this lightly.  In fact, I think of Life Coaching as a sacred profession.  As coachees connect with their life’s purpose (for more, click on Life Coaching in banner ) and step into bigger lives, I am inspired to do the same, day-by-day.

That’s why the kind of coaching I do is called Transformational and that’s why I love it!

If you are inspired to schedule a free sample session or to ask questions about my style of Life Coaching, please feel free to e-mail me:  LornaSass@verizon.net. I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Dear Lorna,

    I would love to try your free sample session.Very inspired by your changes in career. I was a business woman 8 years ago and now practising as a massage therapist. I live in Copenhagen Denmark though. Love, Lian

    • Sure! I’ll be in touch to set up the sample session. TX for being in touch.

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