Early spring crocuses break through and bloom, doing what they're meant to do//c. Lorna Sass, 2011

Imagine someone listening to you so deeply that you can hear yourself discovering and speaking your own truth.

This is the essence of my style of Life Coaching.

Life Coaching is NOT about giving you advice.  Rather, it’s about offering the space you need to dream big and come to a deep knowing about what you’re meant to do with your precious time on earth. 

I have a magical box full of wonderful (and practical) tools to help you find creative solutions to any of the challenges that have come your way.   You will come up with specific goals–from small to large–to move you into the life you were meant to live, the dream job you’re longing for, or the book you are meant to write.

As your coach, I will hold the certainty that you will find the internal resources that are looking for.  They have been there all along, but have gotten covered up with memorizing the alphabet, pleasing others, and doing what your folks told you was right.

 And you’ll have fun along the way.  I promise!

Wish I’d had a life coach years ago, myself.  Would have saved me some heartache and false turns…

If you are inspired to schedule a free consultation or to ask questions about my style of Life Coaching, please feel free to e-mail me: I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I am very happy after reading the post above which I can relate with.. I would like to share my opinion – Essentially the most productive individuals on this planet are not those that happened to get lucky in life. It’s the people that have a positive attitude. It is the people that saw negative events, and instead of accepting them they worked on transforming attitudes and discovered the positivity within them. Changing perspective doesn’t come immediately. There isn’t any fast fix for giving yourself a good attitude to life events. You will need to make some serious life modifications, starting with who you associate yourself with. You may need to associate with the type of people whose attitudes you prefer. Associating with people who do not project the attitude you wish to have will lead you to cutting of yourself lower to their attitude. Once you partner yourself with individuals that possess a positive, fun-loving attitude, then you’re going to adopt the perspective and motivations which they themselves have. Without the need of changing who you surround yourself with, you will never be able to change the individual you grow to be.

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