Photo by Lorna Sass

My style of Life Coaching on Purpose reaps many rewards. Here are some success stories of my clients, whose names I’ve changed:

Nancy learned techniques to manage her shyness and anxiety and moved from an internship at a famous NYC gourmet store and cooking school into the full-time dream job she created and carved out for herself. 

Jane runs an extremely demanding small business and always had trouble saying “no” to helping others, so she never got around to working on the book she knew had the potential to bring her fame and fortune.  After 4 coaching sessions, she found spaciousness in her day and began seriously working on a book she had procrastinated about for over a year.

Andrew decided to give up unsuccessful attempts at internet marketing and turn his undivided attention to his career as a music therapist.

Kathy felt the weight of the world on her shoulders, having brought up her little sister and always been the responsible one in her family.  She now treads more lightly and has begun to do things for herself, including beginning work on the short stories she has longed to write.

Terry was in a very stuck and sad place when she started coaching, having lost both her husband and job a few years ago.  Within three months she understood both her life and work purpose and was getting up every morning with an action plan.

Sarah gained clarity about her niche, began marketing differently, and doubled the revenue in her yoga and nutrition business within a few months.

Bobbie wanted desperately to write, but something was getting in the way.  Together we uncovered a very deep childhood memory that left her with the message that it would cause harm to a sibling if she wrote.  Shining the light on this very dark place enabled her to begin writing fiction.

With two children and her own small company, Kara was always in a rush.  Her husband got a job transfer, and the prospect of moving the family to Europe for a year just about did her in.  After 3 coaching sessions, she was able to experience a sense of calm and spaciousness as she went through her days and she was able to follow through on her intention to do the move with ease.

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