“Lorna is incredible! Even in the short time we’ve been working together, we’ve achieved amazing results. I met my goal of feeling more present, more positive and, quite simply, happier! I cannot recommend her highly enough!”  Allison Hamilton-Rowe, owner, DailyOutFit

“I feel that there are some people who have such a presence, that they can start to do their job almost without saying anything. They create openings and connections in others just by their being.

It was like that in my first 15-minute conversation with Lorna. I started to make connections in my head immediately. She has such a gentle way that I was tempted to feel that I was the brilliant one; but really, that fifteen minutes was enough to convince me that Lorna was supposed to be a life coach in this world.

Now I’ve been working with her for a few months, and I feel this whole new level of growth… both personal and professional. For the past month or so, I’ve gained this incredible feeling that I am meant to do what I do in this world! I’m feeling so much more certain and rational about the things I want to accomplish, and less worried that I have to prove myself. A few of my friends have even mentioned that I seem very grounded lately, and I attribute that to my work with Lorna. I’m beginning to feel less motivated by angst and more by genuine love of my subject and desire to share, learn and improve!”  Marcia Willsie, chef-owner, www.EzekielsTable.com

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to recommend Lorna Sass as a transformation life coach. My time spent working with her helped me clarify my goals as I worked through a career change. I had felt like I was floating in a sea of indecision, and Lorna helped me find the internal resources to discover what I truly wanted to work towards. We then developed concrete plans to move towards my goals, and checked in about my progress. I enjoyed our sessions and am happy to recommend her.”  Alex Jacobs, musician/composer Healing Music

“Lorna has a deep intelligence and an intuitive, compassionate way of listening that is never intrusive. Her coaching combines spiritual awareness with down-to-earth practicality.  I found working with her immensely helpful in many areas of my life, most especially for clarifying my work and personal priorities.
Sarah Jane Freymann, literary agent, www.sarahjanefreymann.com

“Lorna Sass’ career reinvention from a famous author in the art of cooking to that of a Transformational Life Coach has masterfully combined her deep knowledge of what nourishes the body with what nourishes the mind and spirit. As a colleague of hers in the business of facilitating adult learning and development, I have observed her both as a student and practitioner of Transformational Life Coaching. Lorna’s commitment to her growth and success in transforming her own life have made her an authentic and invaluable mentor for people on the same journey towards enlightenment. Added to all of this, Lorna’s intuition, compassion and wisdom are reasons why I would recommend her to anyone looking to connect with his/her life’s purpose.”  Jackie Kellso, Professional Development Trainer and Coach, PointMaker Communications

Working with Lorna was truly a pleasure.  She gave me both the room to express my thoughts and the direction so that I could make sense of it!  She was very helpful in keeping me connected to what motivates me at a time when I felt overwhelmed.  Lorna’s compassion and intuitive understanding of my family issues helped me shift some areas that I had long given up on. She is the kind of coach that I know I will call on whenever I need to get my life, and myself, back in order!!!
Jessica S., Marketing Analyst (Brooklyn NY)


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